Hawk Computers, Inc. was founded on the principle that customer service and support after the sale are more important than the sale itself. We take pride in taking outstanding care of our customers and helping with whatever they need, whether it's just a simple "spring cleaning" of their computer or the recovery of a failed hard drive with all their accounting information. We've also started a new trend in computer sales and service of telling people the truth and only selling them exactly what they need.

Owner Tom Watkins made his start in the world of electronics while still in high-school fixing radios and televisions. Tom's next job found him at the Pantagraph, changing drive pacs for the old main frame! Within a few years though, Pantagraph management felt that PCs were the way to go, and Tom helped convert their entire operation over. After 13 years at the Pantagraph, Tom moved on to Chief Information Office and Vice President of Technologies at Fox Computers / Dave's World. Tom designed and built the servers that ran the Internet business as well as built a following of loyal customers who were impressed with the level of service and support they received.

Five years later, the companies were sold and it was announced that Fox Computers would be shutting it's doors forever. After a few inquiries to some of his largest customers, Tom decided to take complete ownership of his future and started Hawk Computers, Inc. Amazingly, Tom decided he would honor all of the old warranties from Fox Computers out of his pocket, and 90% of all the Fox customers he contacted followed him over to his new business.

Fast forward to the present and we find ourselves on the brink of a bright new future. Hawk has been growing by 10-15% annually. We now act as the on-call IT department for dozens of small businesses all over central Illinois, and have learned that the very best advertising you could hope for is word-of-mouth from satisfied customers. Computers have come down drastically in price and more people than ever are learning the wonder and joys of technology and the Internet. Hawk Computers customers know they have strong support system they can lean on should they ever need it