Anti-Virus Related Services

  1. Virus Removal
  2. Spy-ware Removal
  3. Security Patching and Updating
  4. Antivirus Protection Consulting and Installation
  5. Firewall and Security Consulting and Installation

Other Services

  1. Hard Drive Data Recovery
  2. Drive Cloning
  3. Onsite DSL / Cable Modem / Router Setup
  4. System Checkups
  5. Hardware Upgrades
  6. Operating System Upgrades
  7. Custom Software Installation
  8. Network Design
  9. Network Installation
  10. Server Strategies Consultation
  11. Printer Installation
  12. Storage Management Solutions
  13. Backup Configuration

As a basic rule of thumb, if it's related to a computer technology, we can probably help, or recommend someone locally who can.


Hawk Computers, Inc. also custom builds computers based on your current and future needs for your home or business. Hawk uses only the highest quality parts that meet or exceed industry standards. We won't sell you components that we wouldn't use ourselves.