Call Us First! Why?

Computer Crashed? Hawk has significant experience in hard drive data recovery after crashes, virus removal, and the elimination of spyware on computer systems. We're one of the best when it comes to getting your system up and running again.

Everything suddenly slow down? Getting lots of "pop-ups"? These are classic signs of a virus and/or spyware infection. You're not alone - it's been happening to everyone. Lucky for you that Hawk has 1000's of hours of experience getting rid of these pests and making your computer run like new.

Made a mistake and bought a computer from one of the "big guys"? We will provide support for their machines and you won't even have to call overseas! We deal with non-functional Dell, IBM, Gateway, and HP machines all the time, and can even help you upgrade your old system.

Upgrading your office network? Building a new one? Call us first! We'll bring all of our experience to the table to work for you in helping design your network and picking the best equipment for the job. If we can't do it, we certainly know someone who can and will gladly help you get in touch with them.

Need a new server? Hawk has a new line of Intel Xeon servers incorporating the latest technology. We custom build each one depending on the current and future needs of your network and applications, and then bring it over and install it for you. We will also educate you on all the latest backup solutions to make sure you never lose a day's work!